Fur-Ever Homes for NMAR Pups


Update on Buddy! Christmas morning 2014 we get a call of a skinny beagle at McDonalds. The caller said she thought he was blind. It took almost a 1 and 1/2 years but Buddy finally got his forever home. Stories like this make our hearts smile! He seems to be enjoying his new life!

His new home! He is livin the life!
Day we found him. Eyes were matted shut.


















We lost Boomer last Friday.
His life started awfully. I don’t know the details, probably don’t want to know. He wouldn’t let anyone get close to him, even though he was starved and had a broke leg. Just a little mangy hound down on his luck. I trapped him, and he walked right into my heart. He loved me and his boxes that he loved to sleep in and that was about it. He packed a lot of life into those few months he had with me. He wasn’t easy to let him go but he taught me a few things, during our short run.
1. Don’t let others carry your personal baggage. He was abused and forgotten. Mistreated and abandoned. Yet he never bitten a soul.
2. Be who you are, that’s enough. He was not pretty or tough. He hadn’t had the best life but he was content. He was not embarrassed for who he was but he was loved all the more for it.
3. Know who feeds you. 9 times out of 10 I was the one who fed him. He knew it and always listened to me. In his own dog way he was grateful, I think. I imagine we could all learn to be a lot more loyal and dedicated to the people who do the most for us.
Thank you sweet “boom”, may you rest in peace my lil buddy.
“one of the hardest things in life is to give your heart, and know that it will be broken in just a short time”













March 25th, Good Friday was the day that Lady came into my life. I honestly didn’t think she would make it through the night she was in such bad shape. Everyday I saw improvement, from her being able to walk down the stairs on her own to playing with my grand kids. Today she went to the vet and was spayed. She has gained 7 pounds. We also found out she was heart worm positive. She has overcome so much and she will defeat that also. It will just take time. She is still on a special diet to help her. Each 40 lb bag cost $50. If you would like to sponsor Lady please let us know. Dogs like Lady can be in foster care for up to a year. Merlin was in about the same shape as Lady and he was adopted last week. I had him for almost a year. I cried for two days after he left. But seeing pictures of him with his new family made it all worth it. I pray the same end result with Lady and I am positive I will cry for two days then also.

4/19/16 she makes my heart smile.
4/19/16 she makes my heart smile.
4/19/16 waiting on belly rubs.














Day she arrived 3/25.
Day she arrived 3/25.
The day Lady arrived. Can't believe it was only a month ago.
The day Lady arrived. Can’t believe it was only a month ago.
















Jewels new family is over the moon in love with her. Her new mom told me she is starting doggy school, will be going camping in June, then to the beach at Cape Cod. Not bad for a pup that was abandoned and lost and ended up with her puppies in a kill shelter. You go sweet girl!